What is the education foundation and what purpose does it serve in Estes Schools?

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The Estes Park Education Foundation (EPEF) is a 501(c)3 non-profit foundation that will work to inspire community investment through exemplary student learning experiences today to develop our citizens tomorrow.  With the support of our community and a high quality education, all Estes Park school District R-3 students will graduate as thriving, successful, responsible citizens. (Mission and Vision Statements). 

The Estes Park Education Foundation provides supplemental funds for innovative educational ideas, which otherwise may not be supported due to lack of state funding (Estes Park School District is currently ranked 108 out of 178 in Colorado for per-pupil funding) and/or other constraints for the district, including more flexibility in acquiring and dispensing funds. Funds raised by and for the Foundation enhance the school district revenues provided by taxpayers, state aid, and other public funding sources. Additionally, the EPEF generates community involvement and highlights the many accomplishments of the Estes Park School District and its students.