Teacher Spotlight: 2018 Greco-Roman Olympics

Posted by Teacher Spotlight on 11/9/2018

The spotlight shines this week on a team of teachers who collaborated together to provide a creative and memorable experience for students that they will have for a lifetime.

The freshman team worked feverishly to put together an opportunity for students to demonstrate the Global Outcomes of communication, collaboration, creativity and problem solving.

On Friday, November 2nd, freshman students participated in the Greco-Roman Olympic Games. These students had been preparing for this competition since October 4, under the advisement of their teachers. The students studied the mythology, literature, history, and math and science developments of the times throughout their classes.

As an extension they came together in Bobcat Advisory to create banners, speeches, anthems, costumes, theater performances, and physical obstacle challenges.

The teachers have integrated skills and knowledge from across the curriculum. In addition, the freshman team has provided grading standards for the Global Outcomes and students received grades for communication and collaboration for their work together within their houses.

Students were passionate, excited and engaged in the competition, and we just want to give a huge congratulations to House Apollo for their victory! The teachers who have created this incredible Global Outcome Opportunity include Bryan Thomas, Susan Ryder, Dawnmarie Schneider, Joe Gallagher, Sarah Schmidt, Cynda Basch, Claudia Rivas, and Allison Grimes.  Great job to all!

Greco Roman Olympics