Teacher Spotlight: Pam Frey

Posted by Teacher Spotlight on 10/24/2018

We are turning the spotlight on Pam Frey this week because her students are demonstrating Global Outcome skills frequently.  Students in her classes are analyzing, creating, and solving complex problems within our community.  Through all the different partnerships happening in these classes students are developing strong global awareness and applying many of the science concepts they are learning to their lives.  Mrs. Frey has created opportunities for her students to partner with a variety of different business and organizations to provide these unique experiences for students.  When I think about our vision of providing Excellent Educational Experiences for our students, Experiences are exactly what is happening in this classroom. 
The different entities that students have partnered with for various projects include the Town of Estes Park Power and Water Departments, Colorado State University, The EP Environmental Center, the EP Medical Center, RMNP, and there are more!

Students in her STEAM class used the design thinking process to create a video, website, and system for recycling in their school to improve the recycling at the school to help reduce the amount of waste in the recycling bins.  These students have designed this project to enter an Eco Challenge that would receive a grant if they are selected. 
In another class students are partnering with community members Scott Esser, Taylor Bobowski and Deb Callahan to research and measure nitrates in Fish Creek.  They collaborated together to brainstorm ideas for the project.
By providing these opportunities and planning high-level questions that lead to critical thinking, she lets students explore and express themselves and their ideas.  Mrs. Frey is like a gardener.  She plants all the seeds with her probing questions, and then stands by and watches the kids create and grow. 
Thank you for providing all these amazing opportunities for students Mrs. Frey!
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