Teacher Spotlight: Steve Johnson

Posted by Teacher Spotlight on 9/26/2018


We are taking a moment to shine the spotlight on Steve Johnson for his implementation of the Global Outcomes of Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, Collaboration, and Creativity.

In Mr. Johnson's science class he presents students with problems and challenges and asks them to work together to find solutions.  Four years ago, I observed Mr. Johnson posing a questions to his 6th grade class after they measured the rate of erosion in different places on our hillside between the middle and high school.  The question he posed was something along the lines of, "Why do you think there is a higher rate of erosion in some places, and what are some solutions you could propose to improve this problem?"  Returning to the district this year I see students building fences and find out it is Mr. Johnson putting student ideas into action!  He presented his students with the challenge to participate voluntarily to enter the Earthforce community action and problem solving process. The students competed in and won the Rocky Mountain Environmental Challenge and now they are using those funds to make their designs a reality.   In addition, he and his students collaborated with Jessica Mader and her classes to increase collaboration and share ideas and find solutions together, which highlights his value in collaborating with his colleagues.

It isn't just this project alone.  Mr. Johnson provides opportunities for students to collaborate with members of the community, build communication skills, and work together as a team to solve problems and designing prototypes. The very popular Gaga Ball pit on our campus grounds is another structure built by Mr. Johnson's students that taught students about games in other cultures and increased students Global Awareness.  Mr. Johnson created The Outdoor Adventure Club which goes on unique outings every 2-3 weeks. The Outdoor Education class in our enrichment class CTE wheel Builds lifetime skills for outdoor pursuits using problem solving/decision making skills and team collaboration in the class curriculum. He has been coordinating the resident program for 5th grade outdoor education at High Peak Camp since 2002

Thank you Mr. Johnson for providing these valuable opportunities for students in EPSD!