Teacher Spotlight: Ravi Davis

Posted by Teacher Spotlight on 9/12/2018


We are taking a moment to shine the spotlight on Ravi Davis for her implementation of the Global Outcomes for Critical Thinking and Problem Solving as well as Communication.  

In Ravi's math class, 5th grade students are exploring different ways to solve math problems, explaining their reasoning, and evaluating the methods other classmates are using.  Her students communicate by using visual representations, explanations, and models.  Her use of stretch questioning and probing for more information and deeper understanding occurs daily in her classroom.  Students are encouraged to ask questions and inquire about others' ideas and this sparks creativity and curiosity in math.  Ravi's class has a class goal to make a "Read Box" (think RedBox movies) for book trailers with QR codes and they are collaborating as a team to problem solve and find solutions as they build this project together.  In addition, Ravi is innovative with the new SeeSaw app in tracking student skills aligned with Bridges.

Great job Ravi!