Teacher Spotlight: Allie Hansen and Emily Bochenek

Posted by Teacher Spotlight on 9/19/2018

Emily and Ali

We are taking a moment to shine the spotlight on Allie Hansen and Emily Bochenek for their implementation of the Global Outcome for Physical, Social, and Emotional Wellness. 

Allie and Emily team-teach a class for highly at-risk students at the high school who are struggling to meet grade level expectations for literacy.  They understand that the amygdala is in overdrive and until these students have needs met at the physical, social, and emotional level their brains are not prepared to learn.  Allie and Emily collaborate and work together to find supplements to their curriculum that fuse the CASEL standards for social emotional learning with their literacy standards.  Through reading, writing, listening, and speaking they are helping students develop empathy, compassion, and positive decision making along with the difficult task of differentiating for diverse learners.  In addition, the classroom environment is innovative with the use of flexible seating and creates a very warm and welcoming environment for these students.  We are excited to see what else this team of teachers will come up with this year!
Great job Allie and Emily!