Teacher Spotlight: Cindy Boyatt

Posted by Teacher Spotlight on 10/5/2018

cindy boyatt

We are taking a moment to shine the spotlight on Cindy Boyatt for her implementation of the Global Outcomes for Compassion and Global Awareness.  Students in Mrs. Boyatt's classroom collaborate with Eagle Rock guest speakers to learn about the importance of service to our community.  Students then created presentations using the Clips app about what community means and why it is important to be involved in our Estes Park community.   Great use of instructional technology which is just one example of how Mrs. Boyatt provides a personalized education for each of her students, meeting their wide range of needs at their individualized level. 
In addition Mrs. Boyatt and Mrs. Rochambeau collaborate together to teach a literacy class for English language learners.  In this classroom the Global Outcome of Communication was evident as students were writing paragraphs, sharing the details they were adding with their peers, and self-reflecting individually and as a whole class on what they learned.   Students were thoughtfully expressing their ideas in multiple ways!  
Thank you Mrs. Boyatt and Mrs. Rochambeau!