Teacher Spotlight: Anastasia Sunday

Posted by Teacher Spotlight on 10/16/2018

Anastasia Sunday
We are taking a moment to shine the  spotlight on Anastasia Sunday for her implementation of the Global Outcomes specifically communication and critical thinking.  Mrs. Sunday has discussed each of the GO's with her students and the importance of acquiring these skills for their future.  Students understand the GO's and what they mean for their learning.  
When you step into Mrs. Sunday's classroom you will immediately notice all the visuals around her room.  She has an icon for each Global Outcome which she matches to the content objective so students know exactly what GO they will be working on in class.  In addition, she has an icon for reading, writing, listening, and speaking matched to the language objective for the day so students know how they will be required to demonstrate their understanding. 
Mrs. Sunday uses these effective SIOP strategies as well as a number of other strategies for scaffolding and differentiating the content so every student can access the content at a high level.  All students, including her most struggling learners, were able to select a map they believe best represents the weather patterns in the place their partner plans to travel, and defend why they picked that particular map.  Students then used that map as an item to place in the backpack they are creating for their partner to equip them to travel to another country.  Learning is relevant, fun, and engaging in 6th grade SS! Thank you Mrs. Sunday!