Checking out of school

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Each student is responsible for checking out of school.

Students will check out of the library on Tuesday (6th/7th) or Wednesday (8th), but they will not have access to materials after checking them in.  Their iPads will be wiped of all contents upon turning them in, and they will not be able to check out more materials until next year.  On the day assigned, students should bring their brick and cord (they MUST be Apple cord and brick meant for iPad).  They will not be able to get their sheet signed if they have not turned in all materials, including iPad, brick, cord, textbooks, and library books.  Any items that are not found or damaged beyond typical wear and tear will incur a fee for replacement of the item(s).


iPad $294
Brick $19
Cable $19
Case $30

Book-Replacement cost

If you have questions about the check out process or fees, please contact: Wendy Rashid.