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New Security System at EPSD

Dear Parents, Families and Community Members,

As part of the Estes Park Schools continued efforts to provide a safe environment for our students, staff and visitors, we have installed video secure access (buzzer) systems in each of our schools. The main entrance to each school building on campus will be equipped with a security system that includes a camera and intercom.

After the start of each school day the doors will be locked (for Elementary School, this will be AFTER the second bell at 8:10 a.m.). All students, parents, volunteers, and visitors will be required to push an intercom button, and then state their name and purpose of their visit prior to gaining entry to the building. School staff will make a visual and verbal determination prior to granting building access. In addition, all parents, visitors and volunteers will sign in at the office and wear a visitor badge while in the school.

Please note the following:

  • At the buzzer, it is expected that all visitors will state the purpose of their visit and/or specify with whom they have the appointment.
  • All visitors that are not recognized by office staff are required to show photo identification prior to being buzzed into the building.
  • The visitor will be buzzed in and must present themselves to the school office, immediately upon entry.
  • Visitors will be required to sign in to obtain a visitor’s pass.
  • It is imperative that visitors do not hold the door open for others behind them. Each visitor must be acknowledged individually through the buzzer system.
  • All visitors, parents and volunteers will be asked for proper identification, and to sign in through the district’s visitor and volunteer tracking system.

We understand that this will be a change for all of us and we appreciate your support in helping us implement this for the first time. Visitors are always welcome in our buildings and it is important to us that you continue to feel welcome. We are excited about the opportunity to increase the level of safety and security for our school community.

If you should require clarification regarding the protocol, please contact your building principal. They will be happy to answer your questions to ensure your full understanding and adherence to our procedures.

The district has taken significant steps over the past few months to upgrade and implement improved security measures throughout all of our schools. Your suggestions are important and always appreciated. Thank you for your partnership in promoting an even safer school environment.

Sheldon Rosenkrance, Superintendent of Schools