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Public Records Request

Estes Park School District complies with the Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) in terms of public review of district records (Policy KDB and KDB-R). Information attainable by CORA requests include any writing that is made, kept, or maintained by Estes Park School District, emails and records that are stored in digital filing systems, computers, or servers.

Estes Park Schools' records are public, unless otherwise protected, and shall be available within three business days from the initial request. If the record exists but cannot be gathered within the three-day period, the delivery date shall be extended an additional seven working days. Format requests will be considered, but the District reserves the right to provide information in the format the District deems most appropriate.

If the records do not exist, there is no duty to create that public record. If the District agrees to generate the requested report and require additional manpower to format or create, certain fees may apply. Costs associated with fulfilling the request will be communicated to the requestor prior to data collection. All fees must be paid in full before completing the records request.

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