Our Mission

  • The mission of the Estes Park School District R-3 is to meet the needs of the Whole Child. We will prepare all learners to excel as citizens in a diverse and technological society, through a curriculum that meets our Ends and supports our Global Outcomes.

    At Estes Park School District R-3, we are designing local learning for a global future.  

Our Beliefs

    • We believe in educating the whole child. Social, emotional, and physical wellness are as important as academics, the arts, and extracurricular activities.

    • We believe that excellent public education in a safe and positive environment is the foundation of strong citizenship and a healthy society.

    • We believe that excellent public education is a collaboration between stakeholders, including staff, learners, families, and the community at large. Each group is responsible for supporting the others, communicating openly, and taking an active role in the education process.

    • We believe that our educational community is a valuable asset in providing an excellent education experience, and that as such, all stakeholders should engage in meaningful and continuous professional learning experiences.

Our Vision

  • Our District Vision is E5: 
    Excellent Educational Experiences, Every Student, Everyday. 

E5 Logo in Green