EPMS Aquatic Robotics Club

  • Through our partnership with MATE (Marine Advanced Technology Education), we are excited to provide students with an opportunity to be a part of an underwater robotics team.  Together, students will be challenged with real-world problems (different global issues are selected each year by MATE), and they will design and create a ROV (remotely operated vehicle or underwater robot), using STEM skills, that focuses on completing real-world missions.  Building upon the 4th grade Aquatic Robotics foundation, this progression takes you to a new level of ROV, including soldering, sensors, and video.  In addition to the ROV challenge, students will transform their team into a company that manufactures, markets, and sells their “product”, strengthening skills of innovation and entrepreneurship.  The team will compete in the Rocky Mountain Regional Competition, hosted by St. Vrain in Longmont, which will be held in late Spring, and will also have an opportunity to qualify for the World Championship held out of state.  This journey will incorporate our Global Outcomes of Creativity, Collaboration, Critical Thinking & Problem-Solving, and Compassion & Global Awareness.

    To learn more about MATE ROV competitions, please visit https://materovcompetition.org/