Estes Park Unplugged Club

  • The Estes Park Unplugged Club focuses on getting younger kids out and about in this wonderful place we all call home!  Kids meet on a monthly basis.  The Unplugged Club is currently the only club for grades K-2.  

    From gathering at the Estes Park Observatory for the lunar eclipse to a fun scavenger hunt walk around Lily Lake, this club is committed to get the children in this community "Unplugged"!  Other past activities include snowshoeing, ice skating, hiking, swimming and so much more.  Sombrero Stables donates a one hour horseback ride every spring, and the Unplugged Club also partners with local organizations such as Rocky Mountain National Park, Rocky Mountain Nature Conservancy, and the Estes Valley Parks and Recreation District.  

    Living in Estes Park, we are so fortunate to have the beautiful scenery and resources in our back yard that help us to enjoy an active and adventurous lifestyle.  


group picture of unplugged club

Unplugged Club Sponsor