EPHS Innovative Learning Program (ILOP) and CTE

  • Estes Park High School’s Innovative Learning program enables students to access non-traditional academic opportunities and provides unique scheduling options for students. The program is designed to meet the high school graduation requirements while connecting students with relevant work-and career-based experiences. Through these experiences, students will plan for a successful post-secondary path. Students should contact their counselor or principal for more information about ILOP programing. 

    The vision of the ILOP programming  is to expand high school programming to include relevant and applicable course offerings that are applicable to a student's individual self-directed career pathway.

    The goal of ILOP programming is for 100% of students to meet graduation requirements, maintain-on-time graduation status, and create a clear plan for post-secondary goals. 

Our Partners

  • Estes Park High School partners with Front Range Community College (FRCC) to offer programs to encourage high school students to start exploring career opportunities allowing students to earn college credits or certificates. 

    Estes Park High School Partners with a diverse range of businesses in our community to provide students with work-based learning opportunities. These opportunities allow students to earn high school elective credit while launching into meaningful and rewarding early careers.

METRE: My Education Through Real Experience

  • Our METRE program is designed for students to get real experience through our partnerships. Options under this program include career experiences for 9th and 10th grade students and work study, internships, and apprenticeships for 11 and 12 grade students. Students participating in a METRE program will focus on gaining Colorado essential skills including our Global Outcomes. In addition, students will gain skills in resume and cover letter writing, interview practice and preparation, and networking. 

    Our current course offerings are continuing to expand and we will continue to update.

    Course Name

    ProStart 1, 2

    Ag Mechanics/Technology 1, 2, 3

    Health Sciences Foundations (FRCC)

    BAM: Business and Management Class

    Project Based Learning Capstone (Math, English, Sci, SS)

    Teacher Assistant

    College English 121 (FRCC)

    College English 122 (FRCC)

    College Lit 115 (FRCC)

    METRE: My Education Through Real Experience

    Career Experiences, Work Study, Internship, Apprenticeship


    For more information about ILOP programing options, you can contact: