School Curriculum

  • Each student is placed in a self-contained classroom for Preschool, Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th Grades.  The focus for classroom instruction is to place student literacy as the highest priority.  A time block of 90 minutes per day is devoted to Literacy instruction in a balanced literacy format.  The Math curriculum is based on spiral levels of instruction from simple explorations to advanced understanding of concepts and skills.  Each classroom teacher also schedules time each day for Social Studies, and Science.  Although each teacher is responsible for implementing a guaranteed and viable curriculum, the manner and teaching styles vary.  Through individual approaches, teachers focus on a variety of learning styles and provide opportunities for the visual, auditory, and hands-on learner.  Enrichment activities are provided throughout the curriculum. Teaching techniques include the following: whole-group instruction, individual and small-group instruction, learning centers, experiments and manipulatives, field trips and guest speakers.

    Each of our students receives instruction from a program specialist in Art, Music, Physical Education, Technology and Library.  Students move between these “Specials” classes on a four-day rotational basis throughout the school year.  Our Art class is designed to expose students to a variety of art materials, cultural artistic awareness, and artists.  Student learning in Music classes is focused on the development of singing skills, music-reading skills, and understanding concepts related to the elements of music.  The comprehensive Physical Education program seeks to enhance the physical development of individuals through body movement. Students learn basic movement skills and fitness principles.

    Fifth Graders have the opportunity to participate in Band.  In the fall, students try various instruments played in the band.  After the students complete the trial period, they choose the instrument for which they have the most success and interest.  Classes begin with students grouped by like instruments (i.e. flutes, clarinets, etc.). As the students progress, they begin rehearsing in a full-band setting with all the instruments rehearsing together.  Students work on tone quality, while learning to read music notation, terminology, tempo, and dynamic markings. They learn how to assemble and hold their instruments correctly and how to take care of them properly.

     Students have access to extensive Technology resources to support and enhance classroom instruction.  Each classroom includes adequate audio, video, and visual demonstration equipment to ensure presentation to a variety of learning modalities. A.  Every student has their own district-issued iPad to use throughout the school day. All Internet enabled devices are protected by a web filter.The Elementary School Computer Lab is set up with 24 PC computers, as well as 24 iPads for students to use.   

    The Elementary School Media Center includes a wide range of reading and research materials suitable to the age range and abilities of students in the building.  Materials are cataloged in a computer based software program.A certified library specialist is on staff to support student and staff member use of the Media Center.

    Each of our students receives instruction in Water Safety, including basic swimming and survival skills, for two weeks each school year.  These skills are taught by trained Water Safety Instructors (W.S.I.s).

    The Elementary School has two educational resource rooms to provide specific instructional support to students staffed into Special Education and placed on Individual Educational Plans (I.E.P.s).  Our resource classrooms offer educational support to students with mild identified disabilities as well as educational and life skill support for longer periods of time in the school day to students with moderate and severe identified disabilities.

    Our school provides educational enrichment to students who are demonstrating advanced academic and cognitive abilities through our Talented and Gifted program (T.A.G.).  Students are identified for placement in T.A.G. by virtue of their performance on comprehensive assessments.

    An English Language Learner program (E.L.L.) is available to students who are enrolled in our school and are in the process of acquiring English language skills.  The goal of this program is to assist students with transition to school and use of the English language to insure a successful educational experience.

    In accordance with the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, no qualified person with disabilities is denied the benefit of participation in a program or activity because of inaccessible facilities or method of instruction.  Our school complies with Section 504 and provides reasonable accommodations to students who have an identified disability.  Written plans and a course for implementation are developed by the school for each student who meets eligibility requirements for Section 504 accommodations.  Parent involvement is highly encouraged in this process.

    Co-Curricular Activities in Choir and Student Council are available to selected students.  Our school sponsors a Chess Club for grades 2nd-5th, Dare to Care Club, 3-5th Grade Technology Club and Outdoor Club.  

Grading Procedures

  • Our school distributes report cards to parents/guardians on a quarterly basis.  The report card includes a performance checklist of skills and student progress.

    In addition to quarterly report card distribution, teachers provide mid-quarter progress information by distributing progress reports or meeting for a conference with a parent/ guardian of children who are not performing at grade level.