About Estes Park Options Program

  • The Estes Park Options Program is an enrichment program for homeschooled students in grades K-12, especially designed to support parents who choose to school their children at home.

    Classes are held every Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., taking appropriate breaks for the holidays and following the Estes Park School District School Calendar. 

    Parents remain the primary instructional provider, with the school supplementing their efforts. The school will never dictate what you teach at home. Estes Park Options Program respects and supports the homeschooling family. 

    Homeschooled students may participate in all extra-curricular sports, clubs and activities that Estes Park Schools offer. Students enrolled in Estes Park Options Program may use the school district's libraries at weekly scheduled times.

Estes Park Options School Goals

    • To recognize that each child is unique and special and find the best way to reach that child's learning style. 
    • To encourage positive character traits in the students such as honesty, self confidence, kindness, and hard work. 
    • To build the students' critical thinking skills and creativity. 
    • To provide students the opportunity to learn time management and accountability skills. 
    • To provide a hands-on learning environment. 
    • To give students the opportunity to experience different teaching styles. 
    • To give students the opportunity to experience participation in a group setting while enjoying old and new friendships with other students. 

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