Park Place Preschool

Park Place 2018

About Park Place Preschool

  • Park Place Preschool has existed for over 20 years as an invaluable part of the Estes Park Elementary School.  Park Place Preschool is a public preschool with the ability to serve 15 students in each classroom aged 3-6 years old. Children attending Park Place must be 4 years old by October 1st.  Children identified through Early Childhood Special Education/Integrated Services and Childfind are eligible on their 3rd birthday.

    At Park Place Preschool we have an inclusive, asset based curriculum and respond to each individual child's specific needs. We believe in strong connections with each child’s family and seek to create a partnership with families. We aim to create lifelong learners and build school readiness skills through our high quality inclusive preschool program.

Our Mission

  • Our mission is to provide a safe and challenging environment that allows for all children to learn and become productive, responsible citizens by:

    • Nurturing and educating the whole student and encouraging a passion for lifelong learning.
    • Welcoming the diverse views and cultures of our students and their families.
    • Acknowledging the important role of family in the education of our students.