Estes Park High School Student Council

  • Goal/Mission:
    To cultivate student leaders that take pride in their school environment, take ownership in their accomplishments, and encourage a spirited and service-oriented student community within Estes Park High School, the Estes Park community, and beyond.


    • Homecoming week
      • Dance and events
      • Bonfire
      • Movie night
      • Powder/powerpuff
      • Dress up days

    • Seatbelt safety
    • Holiday door decoration contest
    • MORP
    • Pink week
    • Pep rallies
    • "R15E Above" Brick Program and Scholarship
    • Happiness Week

Our Members:

  • Evan Atkins
    Annalise Basch
    Fazeel Bhatti
    Cloey Blair
    Chloe Burke
    Amber Doane 
    Andrea Escorcia
    Edith Fernandez
    Avery Fichera
    Brock Freedman
    Aiden Gosnell
    Seth Greer
    Zoe Hester
    Sean Johnson
    Tanner Martin
    Hayli Moe
    Alondra Olivas
    Will Peters
    Nathan Richardson
    Zac Scanlan
    Sage Shumate 
    Sophie Smith
    Maira Tariq
    William Thomas
    Sadie Vik
    Nathan Zurfluh

Meeting Information:

  • Student Council meetings are held on Monday and Wednesday mornings at 7:00 a.m

Club Sponsor

Emily Bochenek