DAAC (District Advisory Accountability Committee)

  • Mission and Vision: 

    Mission: the purpose and function of DAAC; why we exist 

    • It is a state-mandated means for parents and the community to cooperatively work with the district to assure that our students have the knowledge and skills necessary to be responsible citizens.  
    • It advises the Board of Education on accountability processes, achievement measures, and attainment of its missions and goals. 
    • It is involved in the review of, input into, cooperative determination of, and/or monitoring of district issues, priorities, action plans, spending, use of student growth data in teacher evaluations, charter schools, and use of Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) federal funds. 
    • It facilitates the coordination of the School Advisory Accountability Committees (SAACs) into a unified approach toward those goals. 

    Vision: what DAAC looks like when we've succeeded

    • Students graduating from EPSD will have the the knowledge and skills needed to be responsible citizens. 
    • The district holds true to its mission, goals, and legal obligations, running smoothly to achieve them. 
    • DAAC will be composed of parents who represent significant student populations in the district, people representing significant aspects of the community, teachers from all three schools, and administrators working cooperatively to keep the district on track for the benefit of all students. 
    • The representatives provide an open communication by which the different parts of the community are informed of and have input into the district's pursuit of its mission.