Child Find Program

  • What is an evaluation screening?
    A screening is a series of short tasks and professional observations in various developmental areas. The purpose is to let us know if we need to complete further evaluation of the child’s development. The Child Find screening is for children ages birth to 5 years old who have not entered kindergarten.

    What developmental areas are covered?
    We screen the areas of Vision and Hearing, Speech and Language, Concept Development, Motor Coordination, and Social Development. The screening is adjusted for your child's age.

    Who screens my child?
    The Child Find Team consists of a Nurse, a Speech Language Pathologist, an Occupational Therapist, a School Psychologist, an Audiologist, and an Early Childhood Teacher.

    How long does the screening take and what should I tell my child about the screening?
    The screening usually takes about 30-45 minutes, but plan on somewhat longer.  If your child needs some "warm up" time or requires additional screenings, it may take a little longer to complete. 

    We suggest that you say to your child that they will be going to "play some games and jobs" that will help everyone learn more about them.  Try to avoid the word "test" and more importantly, try to convey to the child that it will be fun.

    Will the screening be stressful for my child?
    Rarely will it be a stressful situation for a child. Most children enjoy the screening activities. At times, a child may need more time to "warm up" and become comfortable.  The screening can be a "busy" time for the child and so we do ask that siblings not be brought to the screening.  On some occasions, a child is not able to complete all the tasks.  If this happens, we will talk with you to determine the next step.

    What is expected of the Parent during the screening?
    At the screening, you will stay with your child and watch while the screening is completed.  Please allow your child to complete the tasks independently. You will be given an opportunity after the child has finished to share your observations.

    Please bring any relevant reports from Speech Therapists, Physicians, OT's or other providers that your child may have already seen. If your child is attending a preschool or child care center, please bring any relevant written information that the teacher has about your student.

    When all the screening activities have been completed, your child will be allowed to play while we discuss the results with you.  At that time, you will also have the opportunity to discuss any concerns you may have about your child's development.

    When will I receive the results of the screening?
    The professionals who have screened your child will discuss their observations with you at the screening.  We will also mail you a brief summary as soon as possible after the screening.

    What are the possible outcomes of the screening?
    If your child's performance falls within age-appropriate limits, no further follow-up would be suggested. If a child has some difficulty in one or more areas, we may give you ideas of things to do at home. We will sometimes suggest that we check in with you at a later date to monitor progress.  If your child has significant difficulty in one or more areas, further evaluations may be suggested.  If further evaluation is recommended, it can be completed by a school IEP (Individual Education Plan) team if your child is age 3 to 5.  If your child is 0-3, Foothills Gateway in Ft. Collins will be notified to provide further testing and services along with the writing of an IFSP (Individual and Family Services Plan).  All service provided by Foothills Gateway is contracted to local providers here in Estes Park.  Whether services are provided by Foothills Gateway or the School District, there is no cost to parents.

    Will the screening results tell me if my child is advanced?
    The purpose of the screening is to identify areas of concern in your child's development. The screening is not designed to identify advanced skills. For more information on advanced skills and testing, please visit our Gifted and Talented area for Student Services