• Our mission is to provide a safe and challenging environment that allows for all children to learn and become productive, responsible citizens by:

    • Nurturing and educating the whole student and encouraging a passion for lifelong learning.
    • Welcoming the diverse views and cultures of our students and their families.
    • Acknowledging the important role of family in the education of our students.


  • Estes Park School District commits itself to E5 (Excellent Educational Experience for Every Student, Every Day) while nurturing the needs of its community members in the constantly changing environment of the 21st Century.  Through creating positive, safe learning environments and utilizing relevant, research-based learning, Estes Park School District will continue to produce a community of lifelong learners and thinkers. 

    Our district fosters acceptance of individuals with the hope of influencing the lives of the students and families with whom we work.  We understand that each student is an individual who needs to be engaged and nurtured through creative and inventive means.  Estes Park School District encourages its students and staff to achieve a higher level of education in the hopes of creating a forward thinking community that meets the needs of our ever-changing world.


  • We will maintain high expectations and promote professionalism by:

    • Remaining flexible and adaptable through times of change.
    • Encouraging collaboration to guide student achievement and continued school improvement.
    • Utilizing positive intervention strategies to allow all students to reach their full potential.

    We will ensure high levels of learning by:

    • Continuing to integrate technology to keep pace with 21st Century learning.
    • Fostering and rewarding new, creative and imaginative approaches and ideas.
    • Providing individualized learning experiences for all students.
    • Ensuring rigorous and relevant essential learning's for all students.
    • Implementing common formative assessments to measure academic growth.
    • Developing cross-curricular integration.

    We will foster a collaborative, caring culture by:

    • Upholding a positive learning environment.
    • Promoting physical, emotional and social well-being.
    • Exhibiting self-discipline and embracing responsibility.
    • Acknowledging and valuing individuality by celebrating individual efforts and achievements.
    • Building open relationships that foster a trusting, caring, and collaborative school community.
    • Actively seeking and valuing input from staff, students, parents and community.