Chess Club

  • Chess Club is an all year after school activity.  Any 2nd-5th grader is welcome to join the club at anytime throughout the year, including home school students.  Chess Club meets almost every Thursday after school in the elementary school library.  We start right after school and play until 4:15 p.m.

    We have a 5-week tournament at the end of the year.  Each year we crown an overall school champion and two grade level champions.  

    Students must have a parent permission slip to participate.

    Chess Club Calendar!
    January and February of 2019
    Chess Club for ES meets in the Elementary School Library, ES starts at 3:20 pm and goes to 4:15 pm

    January 10, 2019: Yes for chess 
    January 17, 2019: Yes for chess
    January 24, 2019: Yes for chess
    January 31, 2019: Yes for chess
    February 7, 2019: Yes for chess
    February 14, 2019: NO Chess Club (Valentine's Day)
    February 21, 2019: Yes for chess

    February 28, 2019: Yes for chess
    March 7, 2019: Yes for chess
    March 14, 2019: Yes for chess
    March 21, 2019: No Chess Conferences
    March 28, 2019:  No Chess Spring Break
    April 4, 2019: Yes for chess

    Tournament Days: 
    April 11, 2019: Yes! (Day One Tournament)
    April 18, 2019: Yes! (Day Two Tournament)
    April 25, 2019: Yes! (Day Three Tournament)
    May 2, 2019: Yes! (Day Four Tournament)
    May 9, 2019: Yes! (Day Five Tournament)

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Chess Tips

    • Control the middle of the board to open the game.
    • Play defensive to open the game
    • Remember eyes, brain, hand or survey the board, choose the best move and make it.
    • Wait for your opponent to make a mistake and take advantage of it.
    • Play as much as possible to get better at Chess.