Substitute Teachers

  • Salary

    Short-Term Substitute - A substitute on the same assignment or different assignments for fewer than 10 days.  The daily rate of pay for a short-term substitute teacher is $130. For a short-term substitute paraprofessional, the daily rate of pay is $100 and for a short-term substitute food service worker, the daily rate is $90.

    Long-Term Substitute - A substitute on the same assignment for 10 or more days.  The daily rate of pay for a long-term substitute teacher will be $150 beginning on day 10.  The daily rate of pay for long-term substitute paraprofessionals is $110 and the daily rate of pay for long-term food service workers is $90.

    Full-Time Substitute - A substitute who is initially hired for a full semester to replace an employee on leave. Generally, a full-time substitute is hired for licensed personnel only.  The daily rate of pay for a full-time substitute is $175.

    Long-term and full-time substitutes are expected to fulfill all the duties of the teacher he/she is filling in for and may be given consideration for benefits determined by the length of assignment. 

    Substitute Responsibilities

    Responsibilities of substitutes are as follows:

    • Dress professionally
    • Report to the office of the assigned building at least 15 minutes prior to starting time
    • Review the classroom teacher's daily schedule, lesson plan book, seating chart, textbook, and other materials
    • If lesson plans are not available or inadequate, contact building principal
    • Consider all records and information pertaining to students confidential
    • Maintain a professional attitude
    • Prepare a summary of work covered and complete necessary reports and grading
    • Report any difficulties to the office/or building principal.


    Application Process

    Step 1: Apply for a Substitute Authorization through the CDE Licensing Division.

    Apply for:

    • 1 Year (special circumstances apply) 
    • 3 Year (if you have a Bachelor's Degree, never taught) 
    • 5 Year (if you hold or have held a Colorado teaching license, or have a current out of state teaching license) 

    Step 2: Apply to be a Certified Substitute in our district at, all applicants for substitute positions in Estes Park School District R-3 must apply online using AppliTrack (JobID 189): Paper applications are no longer accepted for substitute applications.

    Step 3: The district Human Resources Manager will contact each applicant to set up an interview and go over the substitute process. 

    Thank you for your interest in working in Estes Park School District R-3!