Public Participation Procedure

  • Members of the public wishing to make formal presentations before the board should make arrangements in advance with the Secretary to the Board so that such presentations, when appropriate, may be scheduled on the agenda.

    In addition to public participation time during board meetings, the board is committed to engaging members of the community on an ongoing basis regarding community values regarding education during times other than the board’s regular meetings.

    At each regular meeting of the Board, the agenda will provide time for Public Comment. Persons wishing to address the Board will be required to submit a written request prior to the meeting, either via email to the Board President ( or Board Secretary (, or by using the comment cards provided at the in-person meeting (see the board secretary for details). Comments and questions should pertain to a topic related to the board’s conduct of the schools, to include agenda items.

    After the start of the meeting, upon invitation from the Board President, those that have asked to speak publicly will be addressed and asked to approach the podium. Please state your name and affiliation (when applicable) for the record, and make your comments directly to the Board of Education.

    In order to ensure that everyone who comes to speak to the Board has the opportunity to do so, comments will be limited to three (3) minutes. Speakers may offer such criticism of school operations and programs that concern them, but are encouraged to exercise their speech rights responsibly. The chairman/president of the Board may interrupt or terminate an individual’s statement when it has exceeded the allotted time, is personally directed, abusive, obscene, repetitive, or irrelevant.

    Any complaint about the District, including instruction, discipline, District personnel policy, procedure, or curriculum, should be referred through the proper administrative channels before it is presented to the Board for consideration and action. All complaints should be resolved through proper channels in the following order:

    Teacher or Staff
    Principal or Supervisor
    Director or Administrator
    Board of Education

    Written materials for Board or Board Committee members must be submitted to the Secretary to the Board. The written material must include the name, address, and telephone number of the person submitting it. A copy of the materials that meet these requirements will be forwarded to Board or Board Committee members if received by noon the business day preceding the Board or Board Committee meeting. Materials should not be sent directly to Board or Board Committee members. 

    Materials may be emailed to Erin Copeland, Secretary to the Board, at Estes Park School District.