• Dear Staff, Students, Families and Community Members, 

    In April of 2017, the Estes Park School District started a process to complete a professional audit and overhaul of the Administrative Policy Manual.  Administrative Policies and Procedures are vital because they help a school establish rules and guidelines that create standards of quality for learning and safety, as well as expectations and accountability. Without these important foundations, schools would lack the structure and function necessary to provide the educational needs of students.

    The Estes Park School District Administrative Policy Manual encompasses the following 12 sections: 

    1. Foundations and Basic Commitments 
    2. Board Governance and Operations
    3. General School Administration 
    4. Fiscal Management 
    5. Support Services 
    6. Facilities Management and Development 
    7. Personnel 
    8. Negotiations 
    9. Instruction 
    10. Students 
    11. School, Community, Home Relations 
    12. Education Agency Relations 

    Over the past two years, the district has worked with CASB (the Colorado Association of School Boards) to complete a comprehensive review of all administrative policies, regulations and exhibits,  to ensure that they were up to date and compliant with current Colorado Revised State Statute, local regulations and Federal Law. Additions, revisions and policy repeals were suggested and reviewed via several readings by the superintendent, district administration and the Board of Education, throughout the entire process. 

    As of June 24th, 2019, the manual overhaul is complete and the board and superintendent have approved the respective changes to administrative policy.  The most current policy manual can be found publicly on the district website at www.estesschools.org/adminpolicy

    The district will be continuously faced with updates to policies due to federal and state law changes, regulations and guidance issued by various authorities, as well as changing educational trends and local circumstances. It is also important for the administration to consistently review district policies for alignment with Board Policy, district mission and vision, goals and current district practices. Current and meaningful policy allows for effective and consistent decisions, as well as clear guidance for families and students. 

    Though the superintendent, Board and school community have reviewed the documents contained in the policy manual project throughout the duration of the overhaul, it is important for all staff, students and families to become acquainted with the newly revised administrative policy manual.  As a component of this, the district is hereby formally notifying these stakeholders of the policy changes affecting them so that they may review them thoroughly. 

    For questions regarding the Administrative Policy Manual, please contact the superintendent’s office or the policy coordinator. 

    Heather Gooch, Administrative Policy Coordinator | Heather_Gooch@estesschools.org