• The board defines which human needs are to be met, for whom and at what cost.  Written with a long-term perspective, these mission-related policies embody the board’s long-range vision.

EP-1: Future-Focused Competencies

  • Estes Park R-3 learners will develop and demonstrate proficiency in:

    1. Essential skills and content:
      1. Communication: Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing
      2. Mathematics
      3. Science
      4. Social Studies
      5. World Cultures and Languages
      6. Literature
      7. Arts
      8. Physical and Health Education
      9. Financial, Environmental, and Information Literacy
      10. Technological Fluency

EP-2: Global Outcomes

  • Estes Park R-3 learners will strive to become active, productive members of their community.

    1. Learners will develop and demonstrate the following traits and abilities:
      1. Communication - Learners can thoughtfully process and express ideas in multiple ways.
      2. Critical thinking and Problem Solving - Learners ask challenging questions, analyze complex information, and develop solutions.
      3. Creativity - Learners explore their curiosities and passions in order to produce innovative-imaginative products.
      4. Physical, Social, and Emotional Wellness - Learners seek to understand, value, engage, and advocate for others in their own community and globally.
      5. Perseverance - Learners strive to take on challenges, knowing that they have the capacity for growth.
      6. Collaboration - Learners build from diverse perspectives and assets while working together toward a common goal.

EP-3: Positive & Progressive Learning Environment

  • The Estes Park R-3 Board of Education will work to ensure that learners are educated in an environment that meets their diverse needs and that resources are allocated accordingly. Such a positive and progressive learning environment includes, but is not limited to:

    1. Quality mental health services
    2. Wellness education
    3. Restorative justice practices
    4. Individualized and inclusive special education instruction
    5. Intentional, frequent, and meaningful access to technology
    6. Highly-trained teachers and staff

EP-4: Application & Community Involvement

  • Learners will have the opportunity to engage with the wider community by exploring and participating in the following experiences, among others:

    1. Career and technical education
    2. Internships
    3. Post-secondary options
    4. Exchange programs
    5. Extracurricular activities and athletics
    6. Community service