Our Role in Safety

  • The Estes Park School District believes that staff, parents, students, and community members play an integral part in keeping learning environments safe. Each stakeholder has a specific responsibility:

    STAFF is expected to:

    • model safe behavior, monitor student and visitor behavior, and reinforce the expectations set forth in safety trainings and policies.
    • promote positive school climate and culture.
    • also regularly review facility needs, plan and conduct safety drills, organize and participate in building safety committees, and work together to prevent and prepare for a safe school environment.
    • promote violence reduction, empathy, respect, non-discrimination, and positive interpersonal relationships
    • discuss safety and security issues regularly at staff meetings
    • discuss safety and security issues at parent meetings
    • participate in Crisis preparedness training.

    PARENTS and FAMILY MEMBERS should be empowered to:

    • take steps to educate themselves about safety and security procedures at their student’s school.
    • should reinforce the behavioral expectations in place by the school district, and actively engage in school safety discussions.
    • participate in meetings such as SAC (Student Accountability Committee, held at each school level) meetings and DAAC (District Advisory Accountability Meetings).  
    • identify potential threats to the safety and security of their student(s) and report concerns to school administration and/or police without delay.

    STUDENTS will be encouraged:

    • that healthy peer relationships play an integral role in sustaining a safe school environment that is free of threat and violence.  
    • to talk with parents, teachers, school counselors, school administrators, and police when they have concerns about their individual safety, or that of another.
    • to identify a potential threat or danger, have a safe place to report it, and believe that trustworthy adults will follow-up on the information they have provided.
    • to practice positive interpersonal relationship skills to help sustain a safe and secure learning environment and to promote social competence.
    • to follow all direction during emergency drills.


    • promote and support school efforts by modeling safe behaviors every day, and leading by example.  Estes Park is a strong and close knit community, that draws strength by engaging in local learning for a global future. Demonstrating civility, empathy, respect, non-discrimination, and positive interpersonal relationships as a community sets a social standard that fosters non-violent lifestyles community-wide.
    • participate in school crisis preparedness by way of offering their time, expertise, or facilities to schools for their use. In a commendable endeavor, school staff can work collaboratively with law enforcement, fire safety agencies, churches, city departments, private clubs, and businesses to successfully coordinate use of alternate facilities in a crisis.