Video Cameras on Transportation Vehicles

  • Notice to Students and Parent/Guardian Regarding the Use of Video Recorders on School Buses
    The District has installed video recording capability on all school buses to monitor school transportation and will be videotaping on bus routes.  Students will not be notified as to when videotaping is occurring and students in violation of bus conduct rules shall be subject to disciplinary action.  Tapes will be reviewed on a routine basis by the Transportation Manager and/or a school Principal for evidence of student misconduct and it will be documented.  Students found to be in violation of the District's bus conduct rules will be notified and disciplinary action will be initiated under the Board adopted discipline code.

    Videotapes will be treated as protected student records under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.  The following guidelines will apply:

    1. Tapes will remain in the custody of the Transportation Manager.
    2. Parent/Guardian and students who wish to view a video tape in response to a disciplinary action taken against a student may request such access in writing under the procedures for Release of Student Records.
    3. Persons unrelated to a disciplinary incident will not be permitted to view bus videotapes.

     Videotapes will be used only to promote the order, safety and security of students, staff and property.


    Storage/Security of Recordings

    1. All video recordings will be stored and secured to insure confidentiality.
    2. Video recordings will be stored for five days after initial recording, whereupon such recordings will be erased unless a decision is made to review student incidents.
    3. Video recordings held for review of student incidents will be maintained in their original form pending resolution.  Tapes will either be released for erasure or, if necessary, retained as part of the student's behavioral record in accordance with these and/or other established procedures.


    Viewing Tape Requests

    1. Requests for viewing video recordings will be limited to the appropriate bus driver, Transportation Manager, school administrator, parent/guardian, or others as deemed appropriate by the Superintendent.
    2. Requests for viewing must be made to the Transportation Manager or to the building Principal within five school days of the date of the recording.
    3. Requests for viewing will be limited to the parent/guardian, students and district officials who have a direct interest in the proceedings as deemed appropriate by the Principal/Transportation Manager.
    4. Only the portion of the video recording concerning a specific incident will be made available for viewing.
    5. Approval/denial for viewing will be made within five school days of receipt of the request and so communicated to the requesting individual.
    6. Video recordings will be made available for viewing within three school days of the request approval.



    1. Actual viewing will be permitted only at school sites including the transportation office, school buildings, or Administration offices.
    2. All viewing will include the Transportation Manager and/or building Principal.
    3. A written log will be maintained of those viewing video recordings, including the date of viewing, reasons for viewing, date the recording was made, vehicle videotaped, name of driver, and signature of the viewer.
    4. Video recordings will remain the property of the District and may be reproduced only in accordance with law, including applicable Board policy and regulations.