• Parents can be the most effective advocates for their children’s education. Effective advocacy is more than being passionate about gifted education. The effective advocate knows how to convey the message that needs to be heard – how to frame information in a manner that drives the point without alienating those who influence the decision-making process. 

    Not sure where to begin? Here is a recommendation: start small.  Begin at your child's school or even in his/her classroom. Help out; teaching is incredibly complex and demanding work. Schools and teachers always welcome assistance. Attend the annual fall parent meeting and presentation given by your child's gifted and talented teacher. This is an opportunity to learn about gifted issues and to connect with other parents with similar interests. Next, become involved with our parent group, the Parent Advisory Group of Enrichment Services (PAGES). You'll learn what is new in District R-3 and how you can influence positive change. Should you wish to learn more and to have further influence, consider joining a state or national organization using the links below as a place to start.