Advanced Learning Plans (ALPs)

  • All students who meet the criteria and wish to receive enrichment services are identified as Gifted and, consequently, receive an ALP annually. The ALP simply provides a personalized guide for the student’s learning. This is completed each year by the end of September by either the Director of Student Services. 

    At the elementary school and middle school levels, parents, teachers and the student are consulted in one-on-one meetings, via email or over the phone. At the high school level, the ALP is usually based on student interests, priorities and aspirations. Both academic and affective goals are written for students at all grade levels, and the final draft is always shared with parents and students for approval. Once approved, the Director of Student Services sends the ALP to all appropriate teachers, and it is added to the student’s electronic file, as well as, stored in the student’s cumulative hard copy or electronic file to ensure portability.