Identification in Specific Talent Aptitudes

  • (Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Music, Dance, Psychomotor, Creative/Productive Thinking and Leadership)

    The processes for identifying Specific Talent Aptitude areas are new to the district.  Since many of these talents are not observed at school, the district is highly dependent on referrals to initiate the identification process. Such referrals are accomplished by completing a Scales for Identifying Gifted Students (SIGS) inventory, which can be requested of the Student Services Coordinator, or any school building front office personnel. Completed SIGS can be returned directly to the Student Services Coordinator, or to any building secretary, teacher, school district administrator or counselor. 

    Since giftedness in these talent areas can be more difficult to quantify and, therefore, measure, the district has developed a specific identification process for each unique talent area. The requirements for each talent area are all similar, and each process includes a referral, the amassing of a body of evidence and an evaluation by the Identification Team. 

    A student identified in any of these areas will have an Advanced Learning Plan goal written in the area of identified strength.  The student might already be identified in an academic area; in such a case, an additional goal will be written. As our district cannot provide instruction and mentoring in every possible area of student talent (we have had students who excelled, for example, in hockey, Irish Dancing, bagpipe playing and ventriloquism, to name a few), so we will not always be able to provide direct services for each gifted student. However, we may be able to brainstorm and provide individualized accommodations that prove helpful for busy students and families, committed to pursuing extracurricular skills and experiences beyond our walls.