How Does EPSDR3 Serve Gifted Students?

  • Mission: 

    to provide gifted students systems of support, programming and advocacy to ensure that they thrive academically and personally 

    Inclusion Philosophy: 

    to provide GT students with impactful educational opportunities without creating gaps in their understanding of grade-level curricula as a result of missing class time with their peers 


    to collaborate with parents and students to offer an exceptional educational program that provides each student with the tools they need to thrive and be prepared for a 21st Century and beyond 


    in addition to the differentiated options available from classroom teachers, we provide the following services:

    • Advanced Learning Plans (ALPs) developed with input from teachers, parents and the gifted student to address academic and affective goals
    • Progress monitoring of progress towards ALP goals twice yearly
    • Grade level “push in” classes in the observatory
    • Customized “push in” lessons for grade-level teachers
    • 2017 – 2018 “pull out” enrichment circles
      • 2nd Grade Math Enrichment
      • 3rd / 4th Literacy and Math Enrichment
      • 5th Grade Literacy and STEAM
      • Elementary School Clubs: Robotics and chess
      • 6th Grade Literary and STEAM
      • 7th Grade Literary and STEAM
      • 8th Grade Literary and STEAM
      • Middle School STEAM elective
      • Middle School Club: Girls Who Code
      • High School Electives
      • High School Pre-AP and AP Curricula
      • High School Dual Credit/Concurrent Enrollment (for both high school and college credit)