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Who is "Gifted"?

    • Students who score in the top 5% of aptitude and achievement tests (the 95th percentile or better). 
    • On the graph above they would be found in dark blue section and at the very far right end of the light blue area. 
    • Statistically, there are very few people in this category. 

What is the "Talent Pool?"

    • This is a second category...for the next highest scoring group of students. 
    • They rank between the 85th and 94th percentile (basically the people in the light blue section on the graph above). 
    • Although Talent Pool students do not qualify as gifted and will not receive an ALP, they will benefit from additional academic services, such as "pull-out" classes. 
    • We will continue working with and monitoring these students to see if they qualify for ALPs in the future years.  
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"A Tricky Choice"

List of gifted traits between good student and gifted children

Who Decides?

    • In Estes Park School District R-3, an Identification Team evaluates all candidates to determine who meets the state criteria for giftedness. This Team is comprised of the Student Services Director, the Student Services Coordinator and the Gifted and Talented Director. 
    • The Cognitive Aptitude Test (CogAT) is used with all students as our Universal Identification screen process. Students are officially identified by placing in the top 5th percentile on at least three different types of assessments: norm-referenced observational checklists, international aptitude tests, and standardized achievement scores. 
    • Using these multiple measures of student performance, we assess every single student in the district starting in Kindergarten and continuing throughout their education. 
    • It is important to note that not meeting criteria on a single assessment shall not prevent further data collection or consideration for identification. 
    • Parents and guardians may refer students for identification; all such referrals will be considered within 30 days by an Identification Team. 
    • Referrals for students who transfer into our district will be considered by the ID Team within 45 days. 

Who do I talk to with questions?