• GOAL 1

    Strengthen school, family and community engagement.

    • Ensure each school’s culture promotes equitable outcomes in student learning through a welcoming, supportive, safe and healthy environment. 
    • Support proactive and transparent communication with all stakeholders to foster trust and collaboration. 
    • Build partnerships among students, families, staff, labor partners and the community to support academic success. 
    • Raise awareness about programs that advance academic achievement and improve success of all students. 
    • Continue to tell the good news of the schools, student and staff. 
    • Use Estes Thrives to continue community engagement activities to inform school improvement planning.


    GOAL 2

    Ensure educational excellence and equity for every student to attain 21st century skills to be college and career ready. 

    • Challenge and support each student by providing equitable access to a rigorous and relevant curriculum aligned to Colorado Academic Standards and 21st-century skills. 
    • Elevate professional practice by investing in effective, culturally-responsive teachers, staff and leaders. 
    • Personalize learning, increase preparedness of all students for college, career and citizenship. Align graduation requirements to include college and career readiness. 


    GOAL 3

    Commit to a Whole-Child Focus.

    • Ensure each school is committed to a whole-child focus integrating the following components for students, staff and community: 
      • Wellness and Nutrition
      • Emotional and Social Learning
      • Behavioral Support