R15E Above Senior Scholarship Brick Program

  • **The deadline for ordering bricks is March 12, 2020**

    The Estes Park High School “R15E Above” Senior Scholarship was started in 2015 by the senior class. Every May, the “R15E Above” Scholarship awards $1,000 scholarship to selected graduating seniors solely attending Estes Park High School. These chosen students, through a selective committee, are granted to those EPHS seniors who are going forward with some form of further education.  

    The EPHS “R15E Above” Senior Scholarship is funded by commemorative "Bobcat Bricks" through purchases of these bricks or contributions from fellow seniors, faculty members, friends, and organizations.

    The gift of a "Bobcat Brick" makes a thoughtful graduation gift from parents, friends or family members.  The bricks that are purchased will create a significant presence in the entrance to the Estes Park High School and will be a highlight for every person that passes through.  More importantly, they will create a lasting testament to the legacy of the loyal alumni, faculty and friends.  This begins a tradition for generations of future students and serves as a reminder of where their top quality dreams began.

Fundraising: Sale of Bricks

  • The “R15E Above” Bobcats Bricks will be made available for sale year round and installed annually in May. Please note that if there is a substantial amount of orders taken after graduation a second installation will take place in October.

    Sale of the bricks will begin at the beginning of the school year during registration of classes as well as during homecoming week for those EPHS alumni wishing to purchase the bricks.  

    The “R15E Above” Bobcats Bricks will be available for sale to: current EPHS Seniors, Families of Seniors, and/or Families of graduates (i.e. EPHS alumni).

    Bricks can be purchased by outside sources (i.e. grandparents, businesses for sponsoring a student, etc.) if the bricks message honors a Senior or graduate of Estes Park High School past or present.

    Additionally, bricks MAY NOT be purchased for underclassmen as this provides the pride of making it through all four years of high school.  The exception to this rule is if a “Family Tile” (meaning a purchased brick listing all family members) is being purchased.

About the Scholarship

  • The number of scholarships and amount shall be determined by the amount of money raised on a year-to-year basis with a minimum of 1 scholarship to a graduating EPHS senior per year. The maximum amount should be determined by leaving reasonable balance for the next senior class.

    The "R15E Above" Selection Committee will be comprised of the following people:

    • EPHS principal 
    • EPHS counselor
    • Senior class sponsors (both sponsors must sit on the committee) 
    • EPHS athletic director 

    The EPHS "R15E Above" committee will select the student(s) to receive the "R15E Above" scholarship monies raised by the "R15E Above" Scholarship. The "R15E Above" Scholarships are intended to honor deserving students who display outstanding qualities in all categories.  The value will change each year depending on how many bricks are sold.

    Teachers, administration, staff, and fellow students are encouraged to nominate "R15E Above" scholarship recipients. The recipients must meet the minimum eligibility requirements and should be selected based on a combination of the following:

    • Academic Effort
    • Extracurricular Involvement
    • Financial Need
    • Personal Attributes/Qualifications
    • Career Goals/Ambition/Aptitude

    It is anticipated that the "R15E Above" Scholarship winners will be announced at the local scholarship night in May.