Online Safety

  • Keeping kids safe online is everyone's responsibility.

    Ways parents can help at home:

    • Make and adhere to rules about the iPad.  When should your child be allowed to access his/her iPad?  Is it ok for him/her to be on it if you aren't at home?  What about in the middle of the night?  You can keep the charger in your room to reduce off-task activity.
    • Know your student's passcode and inspect their iPad regularly.  Get comfortable with looking at your student's Safari browser history.  Look at the apps that are installed.  Talk with your student about what is there--good and bad.  
    • Communicate with school about your student's grades and activities.  The iPad makes it easier than ever to access your student's teachers.  Keep in contact with them through a variety of accounts.  If you need help setting up these accounts, please call the school (970)586-5321. 
      • If you have questions, ASK!  The school is here to help!


    Parenting, Media, and Everything In Between

    These links can help you start conversations with your student about staying safe online: