Estes Park School District iPad Program 2020-21

  • **Estes Park School District R-3 reserves the right to modify the program or the terms of use at any time and without notice.


    The Estes Park School District will issue an iPad to each student in the elementary, middle, and high schools upon satisfactory completion of required paperwork. Estes Park School District R-3 retains ownership of the iPads, and reserves the right to repossess, monitor, inspect, copy, review and store them at any time and without prior notice (Reference Policy JS, JS-E). 

    Students and their parents/guardians may be subject to loss of privilege, disciplinary action, legal action, and be held financially responsible for the replacement cost of the iPad in the event of intentional damage and/or violation of policies and guidelines as outlined in this agreement as well as Estes Park School District Information Technology User Agreement (Reference Policy JS, JS-E).

    A student's possession of the iPad concludes upon a collection date set by the district, unless there is a reason for earlier termination as determined by the district.  All district-issued items, including the iPad, charging peripherals, and case, must be returned when a student withdraws from Estes Park School District R-3 or they are subject to the cost of replacement.

    Failure to return the district-owned iPad and accessories in a timely manner and/or the continued use of it for non-related school purposes will be referred to school administration and/or law enforcement.


    THEFT: The user is required to immediately notify the school district in all cases of stolen or lost iPads.  The school district may be able to assist in relocating the iPad if notified immediately.  It is the responsibility of the user to file a police report and continue communication between the police and the school district.  Loss due to the user's negligence (leaving the iPad on top of a locker, in an unlocked locker, or unattended backpack) will not be considered theft.  It is a crime to file a false police report.  

    Families are responsible for the full replacement cost of a LOST iPad.

    Insurance: The user has the option of purchasing a nonrefundable $50 insurance plan for each iPad that is issued to students.  If the user purchases insurance for the student's iPad, this insurance fee is the sole financial responsibility of the user's family.  Students who qualify for free/reduced lunches can have the initial insurance fee waived.  Subsequent breakage is subject to additional fees.  (The qualification must be active for the current year.  Please contact the district for details.)

    If the user chooses NOT to purchase the $50 insurance, all damages will be the full responsibility of the family.

    Incidents COVERED by insurance
    In order for insurance to cover incidents:

    •  Any lost or stolen iPad must be reported to the media center as soon as possible.

    •  The student must keep the iPad in the district-provided case at all times.  Failure to use the provided case as intended may void the insurance coverage.

    The insurance fee covers accidental damage, including but not limited to: liquid spills, power surges, drops, falls, collisions, vandalism, flood, fire, and smoke, as well as damage to batteries and AC adapters.  If an iPad is damaged, the technology support team will work with the student and Apple to determine if it is a warranty or insurance claim incident.

    The user agrees to the following fee schedule in the case of a damaged iPad covered by insurance:

    •  1st Incident: No Charge

    •  Subsequent Incidents: $50 deductible

    Students in the elementary pilot program will have the insurance fee waived for their participation in the program.

    Incidents NOT COVERED by insurance
    Insurance does NOT cover loss, neglect, or abuse of the iPad and/or accessories.  Lost chargers (brick and/or cord) are NOT covered by insurance. In such instances, it is the user's financial responsibility to replace the iPad/accessories at the district's current replacement cost.  Manufacturer's defects will be covered by warranty.

    Opt in/opt out
    The users may opt in or out of the iPad program.

    By opting in, parents/guardians agree to grant permission for their child to bring the iPad home.  Parents acknowledge that once away from school, the iPad does not have a technology protection measure to filter inappropriate Internet content.

    By opting out, parents/guardians choose NOT to grant permission for their child to bring the iPad home.  The iPads will be checked in and out in the media center daily.  The school will be responsible for charging and for updating the iPad as needed.

    Whether or not parents/guardians decide to have their student bring the iPad home, students will benefit from exciting, interactive, and rich learning experiences using the iPad at school on a filtered network.

    Elementary students who opt in to the iPad program will only take the iPad home for specific tasks as directed by the classroom teacher.  The iPad should be returned daily.


    iPads are highly portable and subject to theft, and the iPad is the sole responsibility of the student. Users must take care to keep the device secure at all times and take precautions to prevent crimes of opportunity. iPads must be in the student's possession, locked in the student's locker, or otherwise secured during the school day. Any iPad left unattended is at risk of being stolen or damaged. If an iPad is found and is unclaimed, it will be taken to the office or media center. During after-school activities, students are still expected to maintain the security of the iPad.

    The automatic passcode lock must be in use on the iPad at all times. Students should share this passcode with their parents and no one else, unless required to do so by school personnel.

    The district's barcode must not be removed from the device.

    Students are responsible for the safety, maintenance, and use of the devices issued to them and should not lend the device to anyone.


    Access to the Internet comes with the possibility of retrieving inappropriate content; therefore, adults must do their best to educate children of the proper uses of technology.

    In School
    District-wide networks are equipped with technology protection measures to help ensure users are as protected as reasonably possible from inappropriate online content while they are at school.  The school cannot guarantee that access to all inappropriate sites will be blocked.  Students may accidentally or purposefully circumvent these precautions and restrictions.  Any iPad application that accesses the Internet poses a risk of exposure to graphic, highly controversial, or potentially dangerous content.

    At Home
    Parents assume the responsibility for student use of the device at all times and from any location while away from school.  At this time, the district-issued device does not have a technology protection measure to filter inappropriate Internet content off campus.  Estes Park School District does not provide Internet access for home use. The district strongly encourages parents/guardians to secure their home network, but they should be aware that any other public access point will likely be unfiltered.

    Elementary students only: Students have an on-device filter that will filter content accessed on the school-owned device.


    Inappropriate access
    Any activities not directly related to teacher-directed classroom instruction are considered inappropriate use.

    Any unauthorized access to another's iPad or accounts, including changing someone else's passcode, will be treated as theft and/or hacking, and it will be handled according to the Estes Park School District discipline matrix and/or law enforcement.

    Audio/Video Recording and Photos
    Students may record audio or use the camera to record still photos or video in a classroom or at a school outing or event only with the prior consent of the teacher, coach, or responsible faculty member.  Common courtesy dictates asking permission to take a person's photo or make an audio or video recording of the person.  At all times, students are responsible for ensuring that all individuals or groups are aware and agree to the recording or photo.  Students must not share any audio, video, or photographic likenesses without express consent from all parties involved.  Bathrooms and locker rooms are considered private areas. Recording or photo equipment is not to be used in these areas at any time.  Use of recording and photo equipment is governed by both school policy and by state and federal law. Students are advised that any infractions of this policy may be dealt with as a criminal offense.  

    Intellectual Property
    Copyright laws, plagiarism, and computer hacking are punishable by both school policy and state and federal law. If a student is in doubt about how to properly give credit for digital content or how to avoid breaking privacy or proprietary laws while using the iPad or any other electronic device, it is the student's responsibility to seek guidance from a teacher or media specialist.

    Secondary students must have their school email account set up and functioning on the iPad to facilitate communication between students and staff.

    Software and App Updates
    Students should conduct iOS and app updates in a timely manner.  Students must not use another student's Apple ID to install apps onto his/her iPad.

    Device Backup and Data Security
    Current backups are essential to maintaining the integrity of student data. Students must conduct regular backups of the iPad using iCloud, Google Drive, etc.  In the event of device failure or loss, student data may be able to be restored from backup.  It is the responsibility of the student to maintain a current backup of all school assignments and related digital content.

    Memory and Storage
    Students must maintain sufficient memory to accommodate all school-required content. From time to time, a teacher may add content/apps for use in a particular course.  Required apps and materials must remain on the iPad at all times.

    Personal Media
    Personal content, e.g. photos, videos, music, and personal apps, are permitted as space allows. Students may be required to remove personal content if space is needed to accommodate school required apps and content.

    Inappropriate media may not be stored on the iPad. This includes but is not limited to: The presence of weapons, pornographic materials, inappropriate language, and references to tobacco, alcohol, drugs, and violence.  Possession of pornographic materials associated with minors is governed by both school policy and by state and federal law. Students are advised that any infractions of this policy may be dealt with as a criminal offense.


    Students are responsible for the care and safekeeping of the iPad registered to them. The district-required case may not be removed.  District-owned iPads that are damaged or fail to work properly must be taken to the media center as soon as possible.

    Care should be taken to prevent the iPad, cables, and accessories from getting wet. This includes accidental food and beverage spills, excess humidity, and precipitation.  Users should avoid exposing the iPad to long-term temperature extremes.  The iPad should never be left in a vehicle.

    Students may personalize the cases and cords/bricks with stickers or other markings. The iPad itself should remain free of personalizing stickers, carving, labels, or markings, and it should be returned in good working condition no later than the designated collection date.

    The screen of the iPad can be damaged if not cared for properly.  It is particularly susceptible to damage from excessive pressure on the screen or case covering the screen.  Do not lean on or place anything heavy against the iPad.  If carrying an iPad in a backpack, take care that it is placed flat against other items, and that it does not receive extreme or uneven pressure against the screen.  Use only a soft, clean cloth to wipe the screen.  Do not use cleansers of any type.