EPSD Protocol

  • There is a building level 504 coordinator at each of our schools. Please contact your school’s Principal to be connected with the building 504 coordinator. If you need further assistance please contact the Director of Student Services at the District Administration Office.

Estes Park School District Protocol for Determination of 504's.

    1. Once the coordinator has  received a request from a student, parent, or staff  member for an evaluation the building coordinator will contact the parent and begin a referral for 504.

    2. The district  will gain the parent’s consent to evaluate the student for a 504. The district will typically conduct the evaluation within two to four weeks of gaining parent consent, but will not hold a determination meeting until all needed information is gathered and analyzed. The student must also be made available for evaluation or the process may be delayed. The district will conduct an evaluation which may include but is not limited to the following data. 

      • Reports or evaluation information from outside providers on diagnosis- typically provided by parent  
      • Suggestions for educational accommodations from outside providers (usually included in reports) 
      • Feedback from teachers on strengths and struggles of the student 
      • Evidence for learning in the classroom or evidence of how the learning is being impacted. Data such as grade reports, work, assessment data, attendance data, behavior data, etc. 
      • Feedback from the student on strengths and struggles as a learner. 
      • Summative evaluation data
      • Attendance, behavior, and discipline reports
      • Past evaluation information the district may possess
      • 504 or like documents from past educational placements
      • Other data or information as needed

    3. The 504 coordinator will schedule a 504  evaluation/determination meeting with the multidisciplinary team.  This team will be composed of a parent, 504 coordinator and other pertinent individuals with knowledge of the student or information being used to make the determination. The multidisciplinary team will decide if the student meets the eligibility for section 504.

    4. If the student meets eligibility for 504 the team will develop a written 504 plan for the student.  This can be done at the same meeting or another meeting depending on preference of parent and district. 

    5. Once all agree on the 504 plan the district will gain the parents signature and provide the plan to the parent. The parent and district will agree on a date to implement the plan (this is typically within 3 school days of the meeting).

    6. The finalized plan will be shared with all necessary staff on or before the date of implementation.

    7. The plan will be reviewed and amended at least yearly or more often based upon request of the school district or parent.

    Note: If the student does not qualify for a 504 based on team recommendation then the team will share recommendations for the student with pertinent staff.