Securly Web Filtering

  • In order to support student online safety at school and at home, we have partnered with the web filtering company Securly, a filtering system that provides web filtering for educational organizations. It is enabled 24/7, no matter the location of your child’s iPad. Securly not only filters web content for students, but also enables school district personnel to communicate device usage with parents.

    Securly has a parent portal which will allow you to more fully understand and participate in your child’s online experience, including a summarized weekly activity report of your child’s productivity on the Internet. As we work with you to implement the parent portal, you will have the opportunity to further define which websites your child will be able to access, as well as the time of day such web content can be retrieved.

    Parent access will be based on the information in PowerSchool.  To update your PowerSchool information, click HERE or contact your student's front office for assistance.

District Controls

  • There are a few district-level rules and specific categories that parents will not be able to modify in order for the district to remain compliant with the rules and recommendations of the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA). 

    All Google apps remain on.

    Be aware that some applications may not fall into the category you expect them to. 

    The district’s URL deny list will not be visible in the control settings or in the app.


    • Safe Video (YouTube)
    • URL/Keyword Scanning
    • SafeSearch Mode
    • Pornography
    • Drugs
    • Gambling
    • Other Adult Content
    • Anonymous Proxies (Network misuse)
    • Hate
    • Other Search Engines (Google, Bing, & Yahoo are allowed due to safe search options)

Securly Home App Custom Controls

  • Managing Filtering Rules

  • Pause

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