Degrees and Certifications:

Ava Kendall

Our Students, Our Schools, Our Community

I recently retired after 25 years as a public educator. I am seeking to serve on the Estes Park School Board. Because of my unique and varied experiences in the classroom and in the community, combined with a true interest in investing time and resources in our younger generations, I am running to Enhance student education, Strengthen test scores, Take up teacher support, Elevate parental involvement and Sharpen community engagement. I am taking this opportunity to use my personal interests and professional experiences to invest myself more in a community in which I am proud to live.

Investing in our children is essential as we strengthen our community from the inside out. It is my priority to ensure that each child receives the best education possible by equipping them with the proper tools, resources and opportunities for academic success.

I believe that by working to strengthen test scores, especially at the elementary level, we will ensure our students are prepared for the rigorous demands of their chosen path after high school. Each has the potential to thrive whether they choose to enter the workforce or military service, technical school, community college or university. We have the responsibility to help them meet that potential.

Teachers work hard and they need the support of their community in order to do their chosen profession well. I want to listen to teachers and find solutions to the short-term and long-term challenges they face as they educate our children. By finding solutions to meet their concerns, we will be able to address teacher turnover, increase parental involvement, and involve the entire Estes Park community in the work of educating our students.

As a former educator, I understand the importance of ongoing, substantive communication between students, parents, teachers, professional and volunteer school leaders and the greater community of nonprofits, civic organizations and local government. I will work to understand, represent and find solutions that will help make Estes Park the strongest school system in our region.

Estes Park has been one of the best parts of our family’s life for 31 years. We have enjoyed annual vacations, spent time hiking, fly fishing, and building relationships in the community. Our dream became reality when we purchased our Estes home in 2015. I have been married for 41 years. My husband is the director of a nonprofit organization. We have two adult sons and two grandsons.