Degrees and Certifications:

John Davis

I have been married for 42 years and have five adult children who grew up in the Estes Park school system. Professionally I am a retired pilot, having flown in the U.S. Navy and Air National Guard for seven years followed by thirty-three years as a pilot and captain for American Airlines. 

Being based in Dallas or Miami was quite the commute, but coming home to the beautiful mountains was worth it. Now that I am retired I have chosen to focus my skills, and abilities toward our community.

I understand that education is our biggest tool to develop a new generation of effective and global leaders. A solid foundation in math, science, reading, and writing as well as team building in sports and encouraging creativity through electives opens up the wonders of this world to our students. 

As a serviceman to our country I know that accountability for work done well and on time is mission critical for myself as a board member, as well as for the future of our students. Another critical part of the board’s job is to keep administrative powers in check and to be a voice that makes sure no decisions changing education process are made without fully including parents and the front-line educators in this district.