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Courtney Cabrera

First and foremost, I'm "Mom" to two little boys, ages 3 and 6, who are currently enrolled in Estes Park Elementary and Mountaintop Childcare and "Wife" to my amazing husband of 15 years. When I'm not in my mom and wife-mode, I'm a passionate educator who has served as a classroom teacher and volleyball coach, instructional coach, and state department of education/district specialist. While my family and I have only lived in Estes for about 2 years, we know it's where we want to raise our boys as it embodies all we love about small towns!

As a career educator, I believe deeply in our public education system and the impact School Boards have on those systems. As a mom of two little boys who will go through the Estes Park School District, I want to know I have worked to ensure they and their classmates have access to the best educational experience the district can provide. As a former classroom teacher, I want to ensure our Estes Park educators have all the support they need and the systems in place to help our students thrive. As a former specialist in education policy, I want to identify local opportunities that allow our students to grow, provide them opportunities to explore and learn, and help them become engaged, committed members of our community.  

It would truly be an honor to serve in the capacity of Director in support of the administrators, teachers, students, and the community. It has been my honor for the last 7 months to serve as a Director on the Estes Park School District's Board of Education, and I'm running to hopefully be able to continue that work!  I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to run for this position and hope to serve!

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