Equitable Internet Access for Families

  • Access to Wifi
    Due to the prolonged school closure of school, we are working on measuring our ability to provide online learning to all of our students during this time. Contact has been made with students and families to identify how many students do not have access to online learning or have limited access to online learning.  This will help us develop a plan to meet the needs of students without equitable online access. Estes Park School District is working with several local companies on helping families secure internet access if there is a need. If your family does not have equitable online access, please reach out to your teachers or building administrator. 


  • Airbits is offering their service to the students’ families, free of charge, that are not able to afford it during this time. Airbits will offer this to the families that qualify for the free/reduced lunch program that do not currently have internet access. 

    Airbits service is a wireless point to point service, and we they need to verify for each install that there is a clear line of site to their access point. Due to this, they may not be able to serve all the students that need service, but they will do their very best.

    Airbits will offer this to the Estes Park School District families that qualify through the end of the stay home order that schools are closed, or the end of the school year in May, which ever happens first.

    Airbits will offer a 4 MBPS download, which should be enough for watching videos for class, downloading class materials, and participating in class video calls. 

    If you are in need of internet service and qualify for Free and Reduced Meals with the school district, please contact your school principal or reach out to info@estesschools.org to get information on obtaining this service. 


  • TDS is offering free internet access for 60 days to low income families with children and college students.  

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, TDS Telecommunications LLC (TDS®) is offering new residential customers, who live in a TDS service area, broadband access to low-income individuals and/or families with children and college students for 60 days.

    “As a company, our first priority is the health and well-being of our employees, customers and the communities we serve,” says Drew Petersen, senior vice president of Corporate Affairs at TDS. “During this difficult time, we want to ensure those who cannot afford broadband services have the essential access they need.”

    To verify eligibility for this offer, residents will be asked to provide documentation from qualifying programs. For more information, please call 1-888-287-8156.

WiFi Hot Spots

  • The Town of Estes Park has free outdoor wifi in the Bond Park parking lot in front of Town Hall. 
    The Estes Valley Library has outdoor wifi in the parking lot, behind Town Hall, next to the library.

    Airbits has set up two drive-in WiFi hotspots for families to use if you don't have internet at home. This will allow students to continue to access the educational opportunities setup by the schools while still practicing social distancing. Both WiFi points are free of charge. 

    • The first location is accessible only in the parking lot directly in front of the Elizabeth Guild at the end of Elkhorn Avenue, just south of the Airbits Office. The network is called DriveIn-WiFi. 

    Airbits Hotspot 1

    • The second location is in the Upper Stanley Village by Estes Park Pet Supply. The network is called DriveIn-WiFi. 

    Airbits Hotspot 2