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For Secondary Families

  • Cloud School Grades 6-12

  • Student Roles and Responsibilities

  • Learning Timeframe Recommendation

  • Cloud School Schedule

  • Asynchronous Learning Experiences

  • Synchronous Learning Experiences

Cloud School for Students

  • Who: All PK-12 students, all subjects.

    Why: To ensure that students have the support they need to continue learning at home if the school has to close for any reason.

    Where: Students can work anywhere with internet access or a hot spot.

    When: Expect your teachers to post any new learning activities or changes by 9:00 AM Monday-Friday.  Students will use Schoology (6-12 students), SeeSaw (PK-5 students), Google Meet, and/or email to contact their teachers with questions. Teachers will make their best effort to communicate consistent hours that they can be available to chat with students online. Learning is authentic and can occur online or offline (e.g. reading, exercise, drawing, playing, constructing, writing, and etc. are perfectly acceptable cloud learning tasks that can be photographed, videoed or turned in through Schoology/SeeSaw). 

    What: Teachers will make the best possible effort to provide activities for students to continue learning current class content and skills. Students are expected to participate in the learning at home; Students should be able to independently carry out the tasks assigned by teachers including access to the material. 

    Teachers will continue to offer learning support by: 

    • Using Schoology & SeeSaw as a communication tool for learning.
    • Specifying submission procedures for assignments and assessments.
    • Continuing to provide feedback to students via Schoology, SeeSaw, Google Meet, and email.

    How:  Students are encouraged to limit gathering in large groups for the duration of the closure.

    Students in Grades PK-5 will access their content via SeeSaw.  (All students will log in with their Google username/password.)

    Students in Grades 6-12 will access their content via Schoology. (All students will log in with their Google username/password.)

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