Health and Safety at EPSD

EPSD Mask Protocol FAQs

  • Are masks required in EPSD buildings and schools? 

    Yes. Masks are required in EPSD buildings for students, staff and visitors, regardless of vaccination status. Masks are not required while outside. Staff are required to wear masks inside even when students are not in school.

    Our priority continues to be keeping students in school full-time so that they can learn in-person with their classmates. We are also committed to providing a safe learning environment for all of our students.

    One of the biggest challenges we faced last year was the loss of in-person learning time when students and staff needed to quarantine due to exposures and close contact cases. We know that having to quarantine at home is hard on students, families, and the greater Estes community. Our goal this year is to avoid that loss of learning and the disruption to the learning process. We want to maintain a consistent in-person learning environment for our staff, students and families.

    The most effective way to do that is to wear masks to protect everyone on campus. When masks are worn appropriately, they’re extremely effective at protecting against the spread of COVID-19.

    What about on buses? In accordance with federal law, everyone must still wear a mask on buses regardless of vaccination status.

    Will EPSD provide masks if my student forgets to bring theirs to school? Schools will have a limited supply of masks for students who may need one.  

    Guidelines for face coverings: 

    • Face coverings should follow Larimer County Department of Health and Environment guidance.
    • Cloth face coverings should not: 
      • Have anything hanging off the facial covering that would create a food safety hazard
      • Have holes or tears
      • Masks should not be shared with others
    • “Mask breaks” for those wearing them will take place periodically and outdoors for health department-approved time without face coverings. 


Why are masks required at EPSD?

    • We want to keep students and staff SAFE and keep kids in school, while minimizing quarantines.  When both parties are masked, neither individual should be quarantined if there is a COVID case. 
    • Wearing masks allows us to prioritize in-person learning.  In school, students have opportunities to build a sense of belonging and connect with their peers and passions through activities, athletics and extra curriculars. 
    • We protect one another from the spread of COVID by wearing masks. 

What's different?

    • Close Contact is now defined as being less than 3 feet for a cumulative 15 minutes in 24 hours versus 6 feet, per public health guidance. 
    • Close Contact quarantine exemptions include: 
      • Fully vaccinated 
      • Both parties are masked 
      • Positive for COVID 90 days prior 
    • With masks, we expect that fewer people will be quarantined. Quarantines may still occur due to exposures at lunch (no masks while eating) and high-risk activities (athletics, performing arts). 
    • All activities and athletics are happening with protocols. 
    • All secondary students can use lockers. 

Safety Protocols

  • Hand washing and frequent cleaning practices will continue.

    • Handwashing is preferred over hand sanitizer.
    • Hand hygiene will happen upon arrival, after using the bathroom, before eating, after recess or completing activities that involved shared materials.

    Schools will have a designated precautionary room or area to separate anyone who exhibits COVID-like symptoms.

    All employees are trained on health and safety protocols.

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