Technology Vision

  • Estes Park School District leverages technology to advance a dynamic, student-centered, learning environment that maximizes student potential, empowers teachers, embraces parents, engages community, and promotes global citizenship. The District must strive for digital equity. All of our students must be prepared to live, work and thrive in global economy. Our implementation plan must include greater understanding on the part of our teachers and administrators that a technology-enhanced school environment is not a choice, but a necessity. 
    Technologies must be available to make learning exciting and interesting, to enhance interaction between students and others and tie learning to the community outside the school walls. Greater access and skills with information technologies will allow students greater opportunities to prepare for all career paths in the future. Staff training and education are critical to the overall successful implementation of technology that promotes creativity, collaboration and problem-solving. 

Technology in the classroom

  • Estes Park School District is proud to offer a 1:1 technology opportunity to all students K-12.  

Technology Staff

  • Ruby Bode
    Technology Director 
    (970)586-2361 ext. 3016

    Rick Compton
    CIS Manager/Network

    (970)586-2361 ext. 3010

    Nick Gooch
    CIS Manager/Apple Program 

    (970)586-2361 ext. 3015

    Debbie Compton
    Data Manager/CIS Support 

    (970)586-2361 ext. 3014

    Anne Dewey
    Educational Technology Coordinator
    (970)586-2361 ext. 3021