What are Global Outcomes?

  • Global Outcomes, or GOs, are attributes and skills that each student will learn, know and demonstrate as a graduate of Estes Park School District. 

Our Global Outcomes

  • Communication: I thoughtfully process and express ideas in multiple ways.

    Critical Thinking and Problem Solving: I ask challenging questions, analyze complex information, and find solutions.

    Creativity: I explore my curiosities and passions in order to produce innovative-imaginative products.

    Physical, (Social), and Emotional Wellness: I make decisions that positively affect my physical, emotional, and social health in my pursuit of lifelong wellness.

    Compassion and Global Awareness: I seek to understand, value and advocate for, and engage with others in my own community and globally.

    Perseverance: I strive to take on challenges knowing I have the capacity to grow.

    Collaboration: I build from diverse perspectives and assets when working together toward a common goal.