• Teacher Spotlight: Anne Leija & Anne Dewey

    Posted by Teacher Spotlight on 1/7/2019

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  • Teacher Spotlight: Marcie Kiser

    Posted by Teacher Spotlight on 12/7/2018

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  • Teacher Spotlight: Libby Brubaker

    Posted by Teacher Spotlight on 11/16/2018

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  • Teacher Spotlight: 2018 Greco-Roman Olympics

    Posted by Teacher Spotlight on 11/9/2018

    The spotlight shines this week on a team of teachers who collaborated together to provide a creative and memorable experience for students that they will have for a lifetime.

    The freshman team worked feverishly to put together an opportunity for students to demonstrate the Global Outcomes of communication, collaboration, creativity and problem solving.

    On Friday, November 2nd, freshman students participated in the Greco-Roman Olympic Games. These students had been preparing for this competition since October 4, under the advisement of their teachers. The students studied the mythology, literature, history, and math and science developments of the times throughout their classes.

    As an extension they came together in Bobcat Advisory to create banners, speeches, anthems, costumes, theater performances, and physical obstacle challenges.

    The teachers have integrated skills and knowledge from across the curriculum. In addition, the freshman team has provided grading standards for the Global Outcomes and students received grades for communication and collaboration for their work together within their houses.

    Students were passionate, excited and engaged in the competition, and we just want to give a huge congratulations to House Apollo for their victory! The teachers who have created this incredible Global Outcome Opportunity include Bryan Thomas, Susan Ryder, Dawnmarie Schneider, Joe Gallagher, Sarah Schmidt, Cynda Basch, Claudia Rivas, and Allison Grimes.  Great job to all!

    Greco Roman Olympics

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  • Teacher Spotlight: Pam Frey

    Posted by Teacher Spotlight on 10/24/2018
    We are turning the spotlight on Pam Frey this week because her students are demonstrating Global Outcome skills frequently.  Students in her classes are analyzing, creating, and solving complex problems within our community.  Through all the different partnerships happening in these classes students are developing strong global awareness and applying many of the science concepts they are learning to their lives.  Mrs. Frey has created opportunities for her students to partner with a variety of different business and organizations to provide these unique experiences for students.  When I think about our vision of providing Excellent Educational Experiences for our students, Experiences are exactly what is happening in this classroom. 
    The different entities that students have partnered with for various projects include the Town of Estes Park Power and Water Departments, Colorado State University, The EP Environmental Center, the EP Medical Center, RMNP, and there are more!

    Students in her STEAM class used the design thinking process to create a video, website, and system for recycling in their school to improve the recycling at the school to help reduce the amount of waste in the recycling bins.  These students have designed this project to enter an Eco Challenge that would receive a grant if they are selected. 
    In another class students are partnering with community members Scott Esser, Taylor Bobowski and Deb Callahan to research and measure nitrates in Fish Creek.  They collaborated together to brainstorm ideas for the project.
    By providing these opportunities and planning high-level questions that lead to critical thinking, she lets students explore and express themselves and their ideas.  Mrs. Frey is like a gardener.  She plants all the seeds with her probing questions, and then stands by and watches the kids create and grow. 
    Thank you for providing all these amazing opportunities for students Mrs. Frey!
    Classroom Visit from Light and Power
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  • Teacher Spotlight: Anastasia Sunday

    Posted by Teacher Spotlight on 10/16/2018
    Anastasia Sunday
    We are taking a moment to shine the  spotlight on Anastasia Sunday for her implementation of the Global Outcomes specifically communication and critical thinking.  Mrs. Sunday has discussed each of the GO's with her students and the importance of acquiring these skills for their future.  Students understand the GO's and what they mean for their learning.  
    When you step into Mrs. Sunday's classroom you will immediately notice all the visuals around her room.  She has an icon for each Global Outcome which she matches to the content objective so students know exactly what GO they will be working on in class.  In addition, she has an icon for reading, writing, listening, and speaking matched to the language objective for the day so students know how they will be required to demonstrate their understanding. 
    Mrs. Sunday uses these effective SIOP strategies as well as a number of other strategies for scaffolding and differentiating the content so every student can access the content at a high level.  All students, including her most struggling learners, were able to select a map they believe best represents the weather patterns in the place their partner plans to travel, and defend why they picked that particular map.  Students then used that map as an item to place in the backpack they are creating for their partner to equip them to travel to another country.  Learning is relevant, fun, and engaging in 6th grade SS! Thank you Mrs. Sunday!
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  • Teacher Spotlight: Cindy Boyatt

    Posted by Teacher Spotlight on 10/5/2018

    cindy boyatt

    We are taking a moment to shine the spotlight on Cindy Boyatt for her implementation of the Global Outcomes for Compassion and Global Awareness.  Students in Mrs. Boyatt's classroom collaborate with Eagle Rock guest speakers to learn about the importance of service to our community.  Students then created presentations using the Clips app about what community means and why it is important to be involved in our Estes Park community.   Great use of instructional technology which is just one example of how Mrs. Boyatt provides a personalized education for each of her students, meeting their wide range of needs at their individualized level. 
    In addition Mrs. Boyatt and Mrs. Rochambeau collaborate together to teach a literacy class for English language learners.  In this classroom the Global Outcome of Communication was evident as students were writing paragraphs, sharing the details they were adding with their peers, and self-reflecting individually and as a whole class on what they learned.   Students were thoughtfully expressing their ideas in multiple ways!  
    Thank you Mrs. Boyatt and Mrs. Rochambeau!
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  • Teacher Spotlight: Steve Johnson

    Posted by Teacher Spotlight on 9/26/2018


    We are taking a moment to shine the spotlight on Steve Johnson for his implementation of the Global Outcomes of Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, Collaboration, and Creativity.

    In Mr. Johnson's science class he presents students with problems and challenges and asks them to work together to find solutions.  Four years ago, I observed Mr. Johnson posing a questions to his 6th grade class after they measured the rate of erosion in different places on our hillside between the middle and high school.  The question he posed was something along the lines of, "Why do you think there is a higher rate of erosion in some places, and what are some solutions you could propose to improve this problem?"  Returning to the district this year I see students building fences and find out it is Mr. Johnson putting student ideas into action!  He presented his students with the challenge to participate voluntarily to enter the Earthforce community action and problem solving process. The students competed in and won the Rocky Mountain Environmental Challenge and now they are using those funds to make their designs a reality.   In addition, he and his students collaborated with Jessica Mader and her classes to increase collaboration and share ideas and find solutions together, which highlights his value in collaborating with his colleagues.

    It isn't just this project alone.  Mr. Johnson provides opportunities for students to collaborate with members of the community, build communication skills, and work together as a team to solve problems and designing prototypes. The very popular Gaga Ball pit on our campus grounds is another structure built by Mr. Johnson's students that taught students about games in other cultures and increased students Global Awareness.  Mr. Johnson created The Outdoor Adventure Club which goes on unique outings every 2-3 weeks. The Outdoor Education class in our enrichment class CTE wheel Builds lifetime skills for outdoor pursuits using problem solving/decision making skills and team collaboration in the class curriculum. He has been coordinating the resident program for 5th grade outdoor education at High Peak Camp since 2002

    Thank you Mr. Johnson for providing these valuable opportunities for students in EPSD!
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  • Teacher Spotlight: Allie Hansen and Emily Bochenek

    Posted by Teacher Spotlight on 9/19/2018

    Emily and Ali

    We are taking a moment to shine the spotlight on Allie Hansen and Emily Bochenek for their implementation of the Global Outcome for Physical, Social, and Emotional Wellness. 

    Allie and Emily team-teach a class for highly at-risk students at the high school who are struggling to meet grade level expectations for literacy.  They understand that the amygdala is in overdrive and until these students have needs met at the physical, social, and emotional level their brains are not prepared to learn.  Allie and Emily collaborate and work together to find supplements to their curriculum that fuse the CASEL standards for social emotional learning with their literacy standards.  Through reading, writing, listening, and speaking they are helping students develop empathy, compassion, and positive decision making along with the difficult task of differentiating for diverse learners.  In addition, the classroom environment is innovative with the use of flexible seating and creates a very warm and welcoming environment for these students.  We are excited to see what else this team of teachers will come up with this year!
    Great job Allie and Emily!
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  • Teacher Spotlight: Ravi Davis

    Posted by Teacher Spotlight on 9/12/2018


    We are taking a moment to shine the spotlight on Ravi Davis for her implementation of the Global Outcomes for Critical Thinking and Problem Solving as well as Communication.  

    In Ravi's math class, 5th grade students are exploring different ways to solve math problems, explaining their reasoning, and evaluating the methods other classmates are using.  Her students communicate by using visual representations, explanations, and models.  Her use of stretch questioning and probing for more information and deeper understanding occurs daily in her classroom.  Students are encouraged to ask questions and inquire about others' ideas and this sparks creativity and curiosity in math.  Ravi's class has a class goal to make a "Read Box" (think RedBox movies) for book trailers with QR codes and they are collaborating as a team to problem solve and find solutions as they build this project together.  In addition, Ravi is innovative with the new SeeSaw app in tracking student skills aligned with Bridges.

    Great job Ravi!


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