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Students group around a maze on the floor while working with puck robots
Global Outcomes: Deepening Learning

Third graders design code on their iPads in computer science to maneuver their robots through a maze. They used critical thinking skills, collaboration, and communication to complete the task.  Learn more about how classrooms use global outcomes HERE.

Student creates list of things he's grateful for on ipad
Gratitude: Where the Shift Begins

Students across the district engaged in activities centering on gratitude during this week leading up to Thanskgiving. Read more about what students are learning HERE.

Stars and Stripes background with images and pictures of school district staff that have served in the military
Honoring Veterans

EPSD honors all who have served and those serving now. Thank you for your bravery and service.

Happy Veterans Day!

Bobcat high fives a student in front of school building
Cat Chat

The Bobcat greeted students as they arrived to school last week with lots of high fives and hugs!

The Superintendent Council hosted its first Cat Chat at EPES last week.  This group, composed of representatives from the high school, is working to capture the voices of students across the district. Learn more HERE.

Nine adults pose in two rows
Alumni Staff

For homecoming week, EPSD honors its 15 dedicated alumni from Estes Park Schools, making a difference across every corner and every building.

Pictured: Emily Jurgens, Aaron Dorman, Erin Copeland, Butch McCown, Jordanne Bradley, Nick Gooch, Kayla Downey, Jonathan Santana, Karla Delgado

Not pictured: Tim Rische, Allie Hansen, Cynda Basch, Alec Pearson, William Boysen, Isaac Marcantonio, Jordan Hazelton

News + Events

Strategic Plan

The Board of Education adopted three focus areas for Estes Park School District for the next five years:

• Academic Achievement and Growth

• Demonstration of Learning Through Real World Learning

• Wellness

Learn More about Strategic Plan